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In the construction industry, multiple stakeholders have to come together, each performing a specific role to facilitate the successful completion of a given project. From time to time, consultants have to be sought to deliver specific services. Consulting engineers perform different responsibilities and work together with other construction engineers to deliver a specific project. Here is an overview of some of the most important roles of construction consultants.

Providing consultation services

The primary goal of consultancy is to provide different types of consultation services, most of which revolve around providing technical guidance. These consultants provide independent assessments and opinions regarding the construction project in question, thereby helping ensure that everything goes according to plan. Construction consultants provide their services for a specified duration of time.

Investigative services

In the construction industry, there are various cases that may require investigations from independent parties. The types of arrangements required in such specific cases involve consultations, where specific engineers perform an independent analysis of the construction site. Investigative consultancy involves cross-checking the delivered construction plans and double-checking the engineering calculations to identify any potential flaws.

Engineering design

When conducting the preliminary engineering design process for a given project, the specific responsibilities are allocated to an independent consultant. Consultancy in construction engineering design mainly involves generating engineering drawings for use in a specific project and coming up with the referral blueprint to help guide the entire construction work. Engineering design consultancy may involve multiple consultants working together or dependent of each other.

Feasibility studies

In construction engineering, feasibility studies remain one of the mandatory foundational undertakings. Conducting feasibility studies is normally left out to independent engineers who are hired under consultancy arrangements. The feasibility report generated thereof is regarded as a technical guideline. It may thus be used to affirm or reject a given construction project. Feasibility consulting may focus on different aspects of the project, including economic feasibility, structural feasibility, as well as environmental feasibility.

Providing supervision services

Independent consultants are also vital in providing the much-needed construction supervision services. The consultants, in this regard, provide a keen and independent eye on the construction project to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Construction supervision may involve various elements, including checking the engineering drawings and ensuring proper interpretation of the plan drawings. They may also be involved in the process of supervising the construction project for various elements, such as adherence to environmental and construction regulations.