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Paul Mior


Paul Mior works as the Project Manager at Abbotsford Group Inc. The construction company is based on Toronto, Ontario and focusses on new construction as well as remodels. 

Mior and his brother Mark have been working at the company for the past twenty-five years. The company has seen extreme success and growth within that time and people now seek out their services. Recently, Abbotsford Group Inc. has ventured into outdoor services such as pool installation and landscaping.

In that time, Paul has formed many great professional and personal relationships that he keeps to this day. Mior continues to build those relationships through networking as well as getting involved with his community.  While Paul is an expert home builder, he is also highly interested in philanthropy and supporting his community in whatever ways possible.

Paul Mior is a Board Member for Villa Charities. Villa Charities specifically supports senior members of the local Toronto community. Mior is extremely proud of the fact that he is a founding member of Vida Community Living Services. The organization, started in 1986, began with a small budget of $350k annually. When Mior left in 2011, the annual budget had been increased to close to twenty-two million dollars annually. That remarkable increase was due directly to Paul Mior’s involvement.  Mior was with the organization for twenty-five years and proudly moved up to President before leaving in 2011.To this day, Paul Mior lists his work with this foundation as some of his most rewarding.

Additionally, Paul Mior is active with the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association as well as BILD. In this capacity, Mior uses his expertise to consult other home builders on their way to success. This association represents all facets involved in residential construction. These include builders, renovators, suppliers and developers.

Paul Mior has been in the home building and remodeling sector for twenty-five years and is very interested in how the residential construction industry has changed over the past ten years. Specifically, Mior is interested in design trends and multigenerational homes. Mior has seen an uptick of multigenerational homes since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and has begun catering his services to this new trend.

Paul Mior knows the value of hard work and dedication. His work ethic has led to him being honored and awarded several times.  He was awarded 2002 Renovator of the Year and his work has been awarded at the Toronto, Ontario, and Canadian levels. Paul Mior is a certified mold remediator and a Green Renovator. To keep up with Paul, follow him here and at!


Paul Mior Lifestyle Portrait