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Whether to save money, care for an aging parent, or just be closer to loved ones, families of all types are increasingly investing in multigenerational homes. While it is an intriguing option for many people, designing the right space requires some serious planning and preparation. The following steps will help anyone decide on a floor plan and features that will allow everyone to feel at home and comfortable in the space.

Focus On Accessibility

Whether anyone moving into a multigenerational home has mobility issues or not, there could be issues in the future that make it more difficult for certain residents to climb stairs or even walk from room to room. One way to increase the ability for people to access all vital areas of the home is to limit narrow passageways and tight corners that could prevent those using a wheelchair or walker to navigate. Allowing older residents to sleep in a bedroom on the ground floor is another helpful step to ensure that they are able to comfortably move around the space for as long as possible.

Create Separate Spaces

One potentially difficult aspect of maintaining a multigenerational household is that individuals do not feel as if they have enough personal space to themselves. Some homes have multiple living rooms so that there is privacy and dedicated areas for people to spend time relaxing and pursuing their own interests without bothering anyone else. It is also helpful to offer separate bathrooms and other areas so that there is a buffer between the various generations living under the same roof. Some effective designs make use of multiple floors, allowing older residents to occupy downstairs rooms while younger generations spend their time on the upper floor.

Design Multi-Use Rooms

To avoid the possibility of invading someone else’s personal space, it is often a good idea to create rooms that can serve more than one use. This is relatively easy to accomplish by adding a sitting space, desk, or even a small dining nook into a bedroom. Adding in an attached bathroom can help turn a large bedroom into a suite that will fulfill almost every daily need.