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Curb appeal is an important consideration in selling a home, which is why it’s something that any real estate agent will address with the seller. Whether that seller is a private owner or a developer, creating good curb appeal will help them find a buyer sooner. Conversely, poor curb appeal can cause a property to sit on the market for months without attracting buyers. Here are a few ways curb appeal will affect your ability to sell.


Do Some Landscaping

While you don’t have to create expansive gardens, you should add some foliage to brighten up the exterior of the property. A well-maintained lawn, healthy trees, and colorful flower beds will help to attract buyers who may be viewing the outside of the home. Conversely, an overgrown lawn and dying plants indicate that the home has not been well cared for by the current owners or by the builder of the home.


Consider the Home Exterior

As the builder, you have just painted or sided the home, and that should leave the property looking fresh and new. However, even a short time on the market can leave the outside of the home looking old and dingy. An occasional pressure wash can rinse away dirt, bird droppings, and other debris. As a result, the home will regain its new look.


Update the Entryway

You’ll also want to ensure the entryway to the home looks inviting to potential buyers. A recently built home will already have a new mailbox, house numbers, and trim. However, you can enhance the pleasant appearance of the entryway by adding a welcome mat, potted flowers, and ribbons. The front entrance of the home should excite buyers and encourage them to request a viewing. If the exterior looks beautiful, buyers will have a bigger interest in seeing the rest of the home.


You might think that curb appeal no longer matters because buyers first look at listings online in today’s digital world. While that is true, serious buyers will evaluate the photos in those listings to determine if they want to tour a home. If the exterior shots of the property don’t look good, they will be less interested in viewing the property in person. Curb appeal matters just as much in a digital listing as it does for buyers who visit the property in person.