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Over the next seven years, construction consultants are projected to be the one of the top piad employees in the industry. The average annual pay is roughly $65,000, and those on the top-tier of the field can easily take home a little over $100,000. As the figures indicate, a consulting career in construction is inviting but also entails a good dose of hard work.

A sizeable chunk of the heavy lifting begins in preparation and that means acquiring the knowledge and credentials required to take on the job effectively. A construction consultant is entrusted with serious responsibilities and one needs a good education to play the role.

The Skills That The Job Demands

For the most part, construction consultants manage the business hands-on and deal with different types of people regularly. So, they need to communicate well, and it’s a must that they can solve problems quickly to keep the gears running.

In many cases, a high school diploma is an entry point to get the job but a higher level of education will certainly help in upgrading one’s pay grade. College graduates have a clear advantage but the latest government data showed that 16.5% of consultants are master’s degree holders. The latter too, as expected, easily best the competition when it comes to salary hike and career advancement.

These requirements demand time and effort but the whole preparation is sure to pay off. It is estimated that construction consultants will only get busy through 2028 with job openings running to a high of 46,200 by that year.

The Job Responsibilities

Construction consultants take on a leading role in a construction project. The main job description is to ensure that the project will roll out with minimal disruptions. They are involved in the process every step of the way, which is the sole assurance that an undertaking will shape up as specifically designed.

For consultants to be effective, they need to articulate fluidly and muster various minds and bodies to work in unison. Having the ability to work in a team with ease and maintain a smooth run of the business, even when adjustments must be made, will get the job done.


The horizon for a consulting career in construction looks promising. The growth possibilities in the years to come are not expected to dry up. But it is important to remember that the role calls for serious work – both in preparing and carrying out the job.