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Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners have spent more time inside their homes than ever before. Naturally, this led to some boredom and inspired some individuals to take a harder look at some areas of their property they wanted to spruce up. This, of course, led to a surplus of DIY projects, home renovations and viral design trends. Take a look below at some of the home design trends that emerged during the pandemic.

Nature-Inspired Designs

For those looking to bring a bit of the outdoors into their living quarters, especially if they don’t have a large yard, nature-inspired designs seemed to do the trick. More than ever, people are craving to be outdoors. This desire led to individuals making their home more appealing, reflecting nature in colors and accents. Whether through creating an earthy basket wall or building a home herb garden, individuals are finding innovative ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Multi-Functional Home Offices

With the large increase in remote work due to the pandemic, many individuals found themselves lacking a proper office space. Working from the couch or at the dining room table just didn’t cut it for many people. This caused many individuals to become creative in coming up with a makeshift workspace where they could truly have focus. Some individuals renovated areas of their home to add a silent space for working, while others filled this need by sectioning off a corner in the living room. Having space for an office in your home will undoubtedly be a huge selling point for years to come.

Kitchen Remodels

Due to many restaurants being closed for dining over the pandemic, families have found themselves in the kitchen experimenting with all types of recipes. But this made many families realize their current kitchen design was not conducive to their busy living quarters. Wanting more room in the kitchen space and more real estate options for new cooking trends like air fryers, many individuals remodeled their kitchens, opting for a much more open-concept space. Over the past year, there has been an influx in kitchen islands, natural lighting and touch-free handles.

DIY Paint Jobs

Now more than ever, people are looking to use their spare time to personalize their homes. Thanks to viral DIY videos circulating TikTok and other platforms, homeowners have never been more inspired to try their hand at painting areas of their houses. Many individuals added funky ‘70s style designs to their walls, while others opted for a more bohemian feel by painting neutral rainbows on a section of their wall. Whatever personal touch these individuals opted to add, there is no doubt this trend will continue on for years to come.